Supernatural Blemish Serum

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Targets Acne

Clear Complexion

Healthy Microbiome

A healthy microbiome is at the heart of clear, balanced and radiant skin. This pioneering serum harnesses 20 years of world leading science to deliver a world-first patented li...
A healthy microbiome is at the heart of clear, balanced and radiant skin. This pioneering serum harnesses 20 years of world leading science to deliver a world-first patented live skin probiotic that was discovered on healthy human skin. This specialised strain naturally lives on and supports the skin, with robust scientific research demonstrating it’s ability to inhibit pathogenic bacteria* including C. acnes – a key factor in the development of acne and blemishes.

This serum delivers more than 235 million live probiotic cells per dose** and is proven to be alive and active after 2 years – meeting the true definition of a probiotic. This skin fundamental is proven to reduce blemishes and acne while simultaneously improving your skin’s appearance and condition***. Reveal your skin’s natural potential.

*in vitro and in vivo testing assessing impact on key pathogens
**at the date of manufacture
***Independent in vivo research conducted using 98 participants
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Reduction in number of individuals experiencing acne***


Reduction in number of individuals experiencing oiliness***


Million live probiotic cells per dose**

**At the date of manufacture ***Independent in vivo research conducted using 98 participants

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“…part of a shift in pimple treatment away from (…) beauty practices, such as toothpastes and toners.”

Supernatural Blemish Serum

Application and Routine

After cleansing, use as the first step of your skincare routine. Use one pump from each side and mix together in the palm of your hand. Apply to the face morning and evening.

Assembling your Supernatural Blemish Serum:

• Open foil pouch and remove probiotic pod
• Tap the base of pod on a flat surface to settle formulation
• Remove screw cap
• Twist the silver vessel base anticlockwise until the left-hand pump pops up
• Remove pump and screw it onto top of your probiotic pod
• Return pump and pod to your vessel and push down until you hear a click
• Twist the silver vessel base clockwise to close
• Before each use, tap vessel on flat surface to settle formulation.

Watch the video below on how to assemble, refill and use your product.

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Emma's Tips

Clinical Testing and Ingredients

Emma Lewisham's Physiology Synchrony Unlock Method™ is our proprietary skin-first formulating philosophy, which blends up to 25 scientific ingredients that are selected for their proven effect on the skin. The true breakthrough happens when these ingredients work in symphony across multiple skin pathways to unlock transformational results.

Our formulations are fundamentally different. Uniquely developed by scientists and physiologists with over 100 years combined experience, our formulas are engineered with up to 25 meticulously chosen ingredients that are individually efficacious, but in combination amplify each other to provide three-dimnesional, next generation results.

The most powerful way to interact with the skin is naturally, therefore we only use natural ingredients, harnessing both bio-identical ingredients found within the skin as well as the specialised, scientifically proven natural plant extracts. These bio-active ingredients work in harmony with the skin to trigger powerful cellular responses that deliver unparalleled results.

While our ingredients are natural, naturally derived and nature identical, we recommend doing a patch test or consulting your medical practitioner before using any new skincare product, particularly if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Clinical Testing Results Arrow

  • 79% reduction in the number of individuals experiencing acne*

  • 61% reduction in the number of individuals experiencing blackheads*

  • 58% reduction in the number of individuals experiencing oiliness*

  • 90% of individuals showed a measurable increase in skin hydration**

  • 60% of individuals showed a measurable decrease in sebum (oil)**
  • Source: *Independent testing on 98 participants using twice-daily for 28 days. **Manufacturer testing on 10 participants using twice-daily for 25 days.

    Ingredients Arrow

    LIVE SKIN PROBIOTIC INGREDIENTS: Caprylic/capric triglyceride • Silica dimethyl silylate • Polysorbate 80 • Micrococcus* • Trehalose 
    ACTIVATING CRÈME INGREDIENTS: Aqua/water/eau • Coco-caprylate • Glycerin • Glyceryl stearate SE • Cetearyl alcohol • Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides • Xanthan gum • Sodium stearoyl glutamate • Dehydroacetic acid • Citric acid • Benzyl alcohol • Parfum (fragrance) • Limonene • Linalool

    *BLIS Q24

    White Paper Arrow

    Read our white paper for comprehensive information about this specific product formulation.

    Read the white paper

    Sustainability and Refills

    Through our global circularity programme, ‘Beauty Circle’, we take back all of our used packaging to be refilled or recycled.

    Repurchasing Supernatural Blemish Face Serum? By choosing to buy this refill instead of a new jar, you'll reduce your carbon footprint.

    Read our detailed packaging information.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    I can confidently say i feel normal to go out in public again

    Emma, when it comes to skin care, you're a genius....Would love all your products in the routine range and slwoly working on it. I've been using the Night Sleeping Mask for a while and that is the holy grail haha. I can't go anywhere without it. Its incredible. Recently my nutritionist put me on a a herbal medication called 'P' Lift that helps with your menstrual cycle. Unfortunately at the same time it was pumping more estrogen into my body giving me the worst facial blemishes. I actually thought being in my late 30's adult acne had started. I had a few weeks with terrible pimple prone skin, 'terrible'. Anyway I stopped taking it immediately, heard that your new 'Blemish Control' could help so i asked my husband to buy me it as a gift :). I really should of taken a before photo. 1 Week from using your Blemish cream day and night and its almost cleared my entire skin. This product along with your Sleep mask have worked wonders and i can confidently say i feel normal to go out in public again haha. Thank you :)

    Amy H
    Supernatural blemish serum

    I’m only 3 weeks into using this product and absolutely love it! My skin is so my smoother already. It feels beautiful on the skin. I am also super impressed that I was sent an extra gel refill as there has been trouble with the pump. Amazing to do this until the problem is fixed so happy will definitely re purchase x

    Raving about this product!

    I honestly love the product and have been raving about it to others. My skin is feeling so soft and clear.
    The packaging isn’t the most user friendly but I understand the reasoning for that and am happy to live with it, given how much the product delivers!

    This has replaced my other serums

    I have been really enjoying the formula of the EL blemish serum - it’s made a noticeable difference to my skin and I love the formulation. I started using the serum during pregnancy, when I had stopped having monthly hormonal breakouts. However, even 7 months after my baby was born the breakouts haven’t returned and I think that’s due to this product. I love the product so much that I’ve replaced the other serums in my routine and now just use this one.

    Brighter Complexion

    I've been using the serum for some time now and I'm really happy with the results!

    The acne on my skin has reduced significantly and my complexion is much brighter.

    Absolutely love!

    I absolutely love the supernatural blemish serum! I have been purchasing refills through Mecca but need to order the subscription through your website!

    I have papulopustular rosacea as well as rhinophyma and have been getting vascular laser to manage it. I have been recommended to start roaccutane but have been hesitant to go down that route. Having said that, since starting the supernatural blemish serum in combination with both of your moisturisers has made a big difference!

    Onto my 3rd refill!

    I've been enjoying the Supernatural Blemish Serum a lot. I think I'm onto my 3rd refill now. I suffer from hormonal acne and this is the only thing I've found in the past 5 years that actually helps to reduce the redness and inflammation. It's been put through the test too lately with several things impacting my hormones and it really is keeping the worst of it away.

    In terms of the packaging, it did take some getting used to but now the twisting mechanism has loosened it works perfectly. My only suggestion would be to get a larger size but I understand the complexities of each of the formulations. I also struggle with the refills as a lot of product, mainly the white one, seems to get wasted as it overfills out the top, even with me trying my best to keep it in.

    Helped Perimenopausal Skin

    The product has really helped my perimenopausal skin. To start I didn't have bad acne but I would have mild hormonal breakouts.

    Ive been using the product only once a day, at night time, followed by the skin reset serum and over the last 2 months I have not had or had very minimal hormonal breakouts - that clear up fast.
    Overall, my skin has cleared up and it is less red - I'm using less foundation/ concealer these days. When I first started the product, I did see some skin "reaction' but it cleared up after a week.
    With regards to the packaging I store it upright and have had no problems with pumping the product.

    This product has definitely helped my ever-changing skin that is sensitive to my hormone fluctuations.

    Reducing redness and dry flaky skin

    I personally am not using it but my partner is. He suffers from perineal dermatitis across his nose, the T zone and his eyebrows. I thought to give this a go as nothing else works to reduce the redness or dry flaky skin.
    So far he pretty much hasn’t had any dry skin in the area since using the serum and the redness has started to reduce.
    He has been consistently (and only) using the serum in this area of his face for about 3 weeks.
    Hoping it continues on this trend and his skin can finally settle!

    Best single product I've used!

    As a 35 year old guy who still gets mild acne every now and then, I’ve found it makes a huge difference to my skin. Not just through having less breakouts but my skin tone, moisture levels etc. It’s a great product. I’ve tried heaps of over the counter products, medications etc, and this is the best single product I’ve ever used.